No Bike, No Party! Welcome to The Netherlands!

No Bike, No Party! Welcome to The Netherlands!

WP_20140901_004While biking to university  on my “brand new” €45 second-hand dutch bike along one of the many canals which cross the city of Utrecht, I was trying to realise where I actually am and what I am actually doing. I have been here in The Netherlands for just four days and am starting to realise just now that I am actually living here. The first days were a bit confusing. Am I in Holland? Who would…

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Sicilia: nel blu dipinto di blu

Sicilia: nel blu dipinto di blu

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 15.41.06

Summer for me is now officially over. I have finished University in London back on May 15th, which literally feels like ages ago, and will be starting my new Journalism course in Utrecht, Holland, next Monday! Just for the record, I have not been on holiday travelling around from the day after my last exam. I was working in Starbucks double my contracted hours for a whole month before heading to…

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Pure Icelandic Iceland: where planet earth meets the moon

Pure Icelandic Iceland: where planet earth meets the moon

DSC06649How can I begin this post? And what should I mention first? Every single aspect of Iceland was so interesting and great that I would now know where to begin.

The nature would definitely come first in any traveller’s list as it is the most obvious and straightforward characteristic of Iceland and there is a proper reason behind this.

If you think that you have seen enough on this planet, you…

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